Could Build-a-Bear Be Working on an Animal Crossing Line?

Thanks in large part to an extremely viral tweet last week, speculation is running rampant online that Build-a-Bear Workshop just might be working on a product line for Nintendo's Animal Crossing franchise. There has been no official announcement or even tease of such a thing existing, so it is possible that this is all just wishful thinking on the part of fans, but one thing is for sure: the stuffed-animal company is absolutely aware of the desire for such a line to exist.

While the business end of these sort of licensing deals is a mystery to me, it wouldn't be the first time that Build-a-Bear had brought video game characters into the plushy, stuffed fold. After all, there is a whole Pokemon line of products at the retailer, including a recently revealed Jolteon. Assuming that relationship is with Nintendo at some step of the way and not only The Pokemon Company International, it seems like there would be some sort of avenue to at least discuss an expansion. And who wouldn't want a stuffed Isabelle that they can customize? Or Kicks? Or Tom Nook? It seems like the sort of natural progression that's almost too obvious.

You can check out the source of all this talk below:

If there is an Animal Crossing product line at some stage of development, the company is clearly not yet ready to put its cards on the table. We've reached out to Build-a-Bear Workshop about all of this, and will update should we receive comment.


As noted above, the most-recently revealed entry in Build-a-Bear's ongoing collaboration with the Pokemon franchise was Jolteon. Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the latest and greatest entry in the video game franchise, is currently available for the Nintendo Switch. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Build-a-Bear right here.

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