Bungie Details Big Destiny 2 Plans In the Year Ahead

Destiny 2 has been making some big headlines again, between the forthcoming Forsaken expansion [...]

Destiny 2 has been making some big headlines again, between the forthcoming Forsaken expansion that drops in just a few days' time, as well as the game's inclusion in the PlayStation Plus September line-up. But now Bungie, the developers behind the ambitious game, have gone all out, with a detailed road map that goes over what fans can expect over the next year.

Yep, the team have a whole year of content planned out after the launch of Forsaken, including some special events that will bring together the best squads for ample rewards. The video above gives a small overview, but the details can be found below.

First up, right after the launch of Forsaken comes the Season of the Outlaw. Most of these items will be free to Destiny fans, starting in August with a number of updates, and then moving into the Gambit free trial that starts on September 1.

After that, we'll see a new Raid called Last Wish, along with the return of the Iron Banner and more. You can see the image below for more details.

Seasonal Updates will follow with the first coming in December, re-introducing heavy machine guns along with other features, and offering the Black Armory to Annual Pass holders. We'll then see the next update in the spring with the Season of the Drifter, along with the Joker's Wild pack; and then in summer, where a mystery season will be introduced along with Penumbra content for Annual Pass subscribers. Check out the full breakdown below:

Destiny 2

Bungie noted, "Like our previous roadmaps, we'll continue to update you with additional details and changes as these experiences continue to shape up and come together.

"Keep an eye out for more detailed scheduling and information covering the Season of the Outlaw soon, and more information about the follow-on seasons and Annual Pass in the months ahead. As always, we'll be listening intently to your feedback, updating the game with an eye toward continuous improvement, and playing and experience the game as part of this remarkable community."

Destiny 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Forsaken launches on September 4.