Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's Controversial Body Armor Is Getting Nerfed

One of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s most controversial Gear options is getting toned down in the [...]

One of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's most controversial Gear options is getting toned down in the full game based on feedback gained from the multiplayer beta.

The Gear category allowed players to further customize their soldiers with more perk-like options that had different effects and catered to specific playstyles. With different Gears like Stim Shot, COSMEC Device, and Equipment Charge available in the multiplayer beta, players had several different options to choose from. One Gear called Body Armor stood out among the rest as a controversial and frustrating tool to play against, according to Treyarch's most recent update, and will be nerfed when the game is fully released.

"The balance for this category wasn't quite dialed in for the Beta, and we'll be improving that for launch," Treyarch's update said regarding the multiplayer beta. "While Stim Shot was the most popular piece of Gear, Body Armor was the most controversial, so we want to address some of the changes that are coming to that specifically."

While the other Gear options could appeal to different types of players, Body Armor, once unlocked, was a choice that could serve as a safe default for anyone. As the name suggests, it protects players and makes it take longer to be killed with many players suggesting that it did its job too well and was a pain to play against. Treyarch's post indicated that it heard players' complaints and has planned to make the following changes to Body Armor by the time the game launches this fall.

  • Explosives should shred Armor – that was not working in the Beta, and we're fixing that.
  • Damage is now reduced by armor rather than being completely deflected by it.
  • Some of the player feedback from the game when fighting against a player with Armor was "cranked to 11," and made it feel a lot worse than it actually was, so we're reducing it to feel less annoying.
  • We added extra +25 bonus score reward for every kill against players with Armor to help feed your Scorestreak meter.
  • We're also experimenting with a number of ideas to better support its role while also making it less appealing to highly aggressive players (for example, impacting certain aspects of movement speed or protection coverage area).

The Body Armor and Gear changes are just a few among everything else that Treyarch has planned for the game's full launch on October 14, the full post seen here.