Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - How to Decrypt the Floppy Disk for "Operation Chaos"

Now that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is out in the wild, and players are finally exploring all of the game's ins and outs, folks are realizing that its campaign is a little different than other Call of Duty installments in previous years. The story revolves around the spy network that operated behind the scenes during the Cold War, so things are a little less straight-forward at times. There are two optional missions that can only be completed by finding evidence in other missions, and then cracking a code using the data you've retrieved from said evidence.

The "Operation Chaos" mission is the one that will give players the most difficulty, because the code you must crack in order to go on the mission itself can be rather difficult. You have to use all three pieces of evidence you collect from the game in order to decrypt a floppy disk and go on the mission. Let's break down how it's done.

First of all, you have to find the three pieces of evidence. The first is in the form of a Coded Message, which can be found in the "Nowhere Left to Run" mission. All you have to do is choose not to kill Quasim at the end of the mission and you'll be given the evidence. The second piece is in "Brick in the Wall." When meeting the woman with the umbrella at the bar, you'll be tasked with a side mission to rescue one of her informants. Follow the map marker to where he's located and kill the guards to get inside. In addition to rescuing the informant (or killing him, if you don't trust him), you'll find an audio recording on the table in the interrogation room. The third piece of evidence comes from the "Redlight, Greenlight," mission, and requires you to take photos of at least three of the six maps on the walls of enemy offices. These aren't hard to find, and they stand out when you're in the room with them.

operation chaos call of duty black ops cold war
(Photo: Activision)

Things get complicated once you have all three pieces of evidence. Your goal is to input a numerical code, followed by a password. The numerical code is a broadcast frequency, and the password is the name of a city, but you need all three pieces of evidence to figure out which combination you need.

The first piece of evidence is the front page of the Observer newspaper. Some letters on the page will turn red when you look at it. Rearrange those letters to find the name of a city, then use the Broadcast List (another piece of evidence) to match the city to a frequency. That four-digit number will be the numerical code you need for the floppy disk.


It's important to note that the city name you get from the Observer clue is NOT the password you need for the floppy disk. In order to get the password, you need to examine the Coded Message. There is a sequence of red and black numbers on the piece of paper with two spots left blank. Figure out the pattern of each color and then use those numbers (in order) to get another four-digit broadcast frequency. Go find the city that matches that number on the Broadcast List and you've got your password, which will decrypt the floppy disk and unlock the mission.

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