Call of Duty: Ghosts Now Back Compatible on Xbox One

Today Xbox announced that Call of Duty: Ghosts is now a backward compatible title playable on Xbox [...]

Today Xbox announced that Call of Duty: Ghosts is now a backward compatible title playable on Xbox One!

This will be welcome news to most of you who are eventually hoping to get the entire Xbox 360 Call of Duty library on the Xbox One, though some fans weren't too happy that Ghosts was the next choice. There was one tweet sent in response to this announcement that sums up our confusion perfectly:

Obviously, Call of Duty: Ghosts is already playable on Xbox One... as an Xbox One game. It's a little tongue in cheek, sure, because there are very likely many of you out there who played and loved Ghosts on your 360 before getting an Xbox One, and never felt like paying for the game a second time just to play it on your new console. For those people, this will be a very welcome announcement. Still, we can't help but wish it was Modern Warfare 2 instead.

That being said, Call of Duty: Ghosts is one of the most crapped-on Call of Duty games out there. It's probably the most hated Call of Duty behind Infinite Warfare, which is something we don't quite get. Call of Duty: Ghosts has our favorite version of Gun Game, which is hands down the most fun Call of Duty multiplayer game mode out there! If you have a great gun game playlist, you don't need anything else, but of course you get a lot more with Ghosts -- including a great single-player campaign.

Yeah, we said it. We went there. We loved the Ghosts campaign. The opening sequence is one of the most memorable in the entire franchise, and the Ghosts themselves compose a fantastic a memorable cast of characters who you'll love to interact with. Ghosts is one of the few Call of Duty games that actually nails that spec ops vibe in a really convincing and dangerous way.

At any rate, if you owned Ghosts on your 360, now's the time to boot that sucker up since the multiplayer community is about to spike. Go play a round of Gun Game for us.