Massive Call of Duty: Mobile Update Will Add Zombies and More Soon

Call of Duty: Mobile players are about to be treated to a what Activision called a “massive [...]

Call of Duty: Mobile players are about to be treated to a what Activision called a "massive update," one that'll add several features requested by players since the mobile game's release. Part of this update is the Zombies mode that's been asked for in pretty much every Call of Duty game since it was first introduced, and other features like new maps and support for controllers will also be added when the update goes live this weekend.

Activision took to the Call of Duty: Mobile subreddit to give an overview of the new update to its players. It listed some of the best features that'll be included in it such as those mentioned above. This update will also pave the way for a battle pass for anyone who's already hooked on the mobile game and wants to add to their progression, though that feature isn't releasing until a later date.

"We are excited to be so close to the release of this massive update, which not only contains the long-awaited zombies mode but a large amount of other content, like new maps, controller support, a new Battle Pass (releases later on November 25th), and more," Activision said about the new update that's coming soon.

The teaser video below was also shared on Reddit and on other social medias like Twitter to preview the release of the Zombies mode.

As for the timing of the update's release, Activision provided a quick rundown of when players can expect to get all of this content. The update releases at the same time for everyone with the list of times below showing when it'll be available in your area.

Call of Duty: Mobile Update Release Times

  • Los Angeles: Nov 22 - 21:00 PST
  • New York: Nov 23 - 00:00 EST
  • Sao Paulo: Nov 23 - 2:00 BRT
  • London: Nov 23- 5:00 GMT
  • Stockholm: Nov 23 - 6:00 CET
  • Berlin: Nov 23 - 6:00 CET
  • Moscow: Nov 23 - 8:00 MSK
  • New Delhi: Nov 23 - 10:30 IST
  • Sydney: Nov 23 - 16:00 AEDT
  • Tokyo: Nov 23 - 14:00 JST

Expect to see a full list of patch notes from Activision around the time that the update goes live for everyone.