Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reportedly Adding 2 More Classic COD 4 Maps

It looks like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on PS4, Xbox One, and PC is getting ready to add more classic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare maps. Over on Reddit, a Call of Duty dataminer has found not one, but two maps from the 2007 landmark game in the files of the newest COD. More specifically, the dataminer has unearthed files showing layouts for both Killhouse and Broadcast, two popular maps that Call of Duty fans will undoubtedly be thrilled to see coming back.

Now, at the moment, neither Infinity Ward or Activision have commented on the leak, and they won't. Not only do the pair not comment on leaks or rumors, but the latter actively goes after leakers. That said, datamining leaks are usually quite reliable. Sometimes files are leftover from cut content, but if that was the case, these would have been spotted a long time ago.

Further, it makes sense Infinity Ward would add these maps after the very positive reception to the injection fo Rust, which is from the same game, and which launched alongside Season 2 earlier this month.

Looks like I found these legendary maps in MW (Killhouse & Broadcast) from r/modernwarfare

Killhouse is well-known for its small map chaos. Based on the tutorial level " F.N.G.," it's quite popular. Meanwhile, Broadcast is based on the TV station in "Charlie Don't Surf," and is a more traditional map with a few different long sightlines. It's also quite popular.

That all said, while it looks like these maps are indeed coming to the game, who knows when they will be added. They could come this season, but it's also possible they will be reserved for a Season 3 splash.


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