Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Teaser Shows Off Gunsmithing Feature

Call of Duty games have always given players quite a bit of control over their weapons and loadouts, and the upcoming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare looks to do the same with its Gunsmithing feature. Activision previewed this feature ahead of the multiplayer gameplay reveal for Modern Warfare that’s coming at the start of August. We see one gun become many different weapons through customization options that modify almost every part of the rifle to show off the range of options players will have.

Activision dropped the teaser below on Monday as a buildup to its multiplayer event on August 1st. You’ll see some familiar attachments and customization options appear on the gun as the transitions speed up to show some of what’s possible.

“Getting the right selection of attachments is vitally-important to your Multiplayer game,” Activision said in a blog post which expanded on the feature. “Thankfully, there’s an impressive array of options, as we cycle through some of the many customization options, at various times locking in a Muzzle Break, Balanced Suppressor, Scout Combat Optic, Lightweight Stock, CQB grip, Corp Combat and Holo Sight.”

Elaborating on the feature, the post said that players will be able to customize five different parts of the weapon to fill up the available customization slots. This part of the system will seem more familiar to returning Call of Duty players who had to budget their customizations while creating a loadout.


“Gunsmithing is a robust weapon customization option for your two main Loadout weapons: Each Primary and Secondary Weapon can be augmented to give you the precise type and style of firepower you require for any type of multiplayer game mode,” the post continued. “You can customize up to five parts of each weapon, until your available slots are filled. With Assault rifles, for example, you usually have nine areas of the weapon to augment: The Muzzle, Lasers, Optic, Stock, Rear Grip, Magazine, Underbarrel, Barrel, or a Perk. Choose wisely.”

The preview here is just a snippet of what those interested will see in a few days during the multiplayer reveal. That’s scheduled to take place on August 1st, so expect to see many different weapons and attachments showcased then. If you can’t wait until that day to see some of the action, you can check out roughly five minutes of gameplay from the new Gunfight mode that Activision recently released.