Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Player Gets the Luckiest Throwing Knife Kill

A Call of Duty: Modern Warfare video submitted by a player within one of the game’s online communities showed off an impressive kill that showcases either the best of luck or the worst of luck depending on how you feel about throwing knife kills. The player in question was able to pull off one of the classic ricochet throwing knife kills and managed to eliminate the same opponent twice within a matter of seconds using only thrown knives.

The Redditor by the name of Brightwing9 shared the video that showed the lucky throwing knife kill as it happened, but the player wasn’t the one who was doing the knifing. They were instead on the receiving end of the blade twice in the same clip after they were killed once by a legit attempt and a second time by the lucky throw.

The player who submitted the video said they thought they’d been killed through the map somehow until the replay revealed what actually happened and showed just how lucky the bounce was.

I thought this guy killed me through the map, I was wrong! What a lucky throw from r/modernwarfare

It looks like something that’s straight out of the old Call of Duty days like Modern Warfare 2 or Black Ops 2 when thrown blades would ricochet off of everything and players attempted cross-map, bouncing kills with throwing knives and tomahawks. Props to the victim here for sharing the replay since the player who threw the knife probably doesn’t even know what happened around the wall.


Even though this looks like a one-in-a-million throw, it’s actually not even the first time that a kill like this has happened in this location. Back in November, shortly after the Shoot House map was added, a player shared a clip on Twitter of a similar kill taking place in this very spot. The video above shows that the knife even managed to bounce off the same vehicle and land right where the opponents were spawning, so if you’re looking to pull off your own clip-worthy throwing knife kill, this place looks like the spot to be.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. You can find our full review of the game here.