Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Patch Seriously Nerfs One Specific Weapon

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone recently received a new update that seriously nerfed one of the most recent weapons to terrorize the games: The .357 Snake Shot. If you're not familiar, this is the attachment and weapon that allows .357 users to blast enemies from a distance with revolvers to deal high, accurate damage without much in the way of counterplay. It would appear that the developers agreed with the community on the state of the weapon and its attachment as the update indicates that it was, in fact, too strong by nerfing it in multiple ways.

Often referred to simply as the Snake Shot by players who used or went up against it, the weapon resulted in plenty of frustrations and clips that looked like they were straight out of YouTube montages. The real problem with the gun came from using the akimbo option with it which meant players had twice the firepower, impressive range, and accurate damage without many drawbacks. It was fun to bust in somewhere guns blazing with both weapons drawn, but for those on the receiving end, it wasn’t nearly as entertaining.

Infinity Ward apparently didn’t think the weapon was too healthy for the game in its current state either since its recent update nerfed the .357 Snake Shot. You can see the nerfs for the weapon at the bottom of the patch notes found below.

Modern Warfare and Warzone May 7th Update

  • Tuning all smoke challenges to be a bit more forgiving. This includes the challenge to unlock the Bruen MK9
  • Fix to help prevent vehicle exploits
  • Various exploit fixes, including Ground War Infected
  • GameBattles: Fix for a few issues where players might not be able to join a new match
  • Reduced fire delay on the Lightweight and Match Grade trigger attachments on all .357 calibers
  • .357 Snake Shot damage rebalance
  • Fixed a bug where the damage on the .357 Snake Shot was too high at longer distances

The patch notes didn’t specify what the new damage numbers are for the weapon or the falloff from its damage at range, so just expect it to be weaker the next time you use or go up against a Snake Shot in Warzone.

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