Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Player Gets the Worst Spawn of All Time

Pretty much every Call of Duty player can say they’ve experienced a terrible spawn at some point, but one Call of Duty: Modern Warfare owner might now have a legitimate claim to the worst spawn ever in the game’s short existence. Instead of loading into a match where their team was being trapped in their spawn or a killstreak gunship raged overhead, the player in question spawned with gravity as their enemy and stood no chance against their opponent.

The Modern Warfare player who goes by McNugg2710 within the game’s subreddit shared the video below in the forum to show the community the most unfortunate spawn of all time. They changed their loadout while waiting to respawn and then came back into the game when the timer ran out, but they spawned a few feet up in the air. The result of that spawn was a quick trip back to a death screen so that they could wait to spawn again.

Incredible... Just incredible IW... (Mid-air spawn) from r/modernwarfare

What’s even funnier about the Modern Warfare video is that it shows what are actually three different examples of bad spawns. The first is the most obvious one: Players shouldn’t spawn in mid-air in any game, but especially not in Modern Warfare where even the slightest fall can be lethal. The second is the fact that, even if this player had spawned normally, there was an enemy in the doorway waiting for them to appear which means they would’ve gotten blasted immediately anyways (this opponent actually looked as confused as the spawning player did).

The third spawn example actually comes in on the second spawn. Upon returning safely to the ground, the player was able to turn about 90 degrees to see an enemy right next to them and two teammates. It looks like the enemy was checking their spawns when the players appeared around him which led to an easy One Shot One Kill right after spawning.

Modern Warfare players have had issues like these spawns since the game launched, though some degree of wonkiness is to be expected in multiplayer games after launch. You can’t blame players for wanting issues like this one to be fixed by now, but our review of the game still praised the sum of its parts as one of the best Call of Duty games in recent memory even if it does have its faults.