Call of Duty Announces Official Season 3 Update Sizes for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War

At long last, Season 3 is finally around the corner for both Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. This means that a new Battle Pass and new content will be coming to the games, as well as some new updates that are sure to take up more space on your hard drive than you might like. Ahead of the Season 3 launch on April 22nd, Call of Duty has unveiled the full update sizes for both games, on all of the different platforms where they will be available.

The Season 3 update for Warzone is significantly larger than the update for Black Ops Cold War, regardless of what platform you're using to play the game. In fact, it's more than double the size of its counterpart. The massive size makes sense, though, since the entire Verdansk map is getting an overhaul.

The smallest of the updates is the Black Ops Cold War update for PlayStation 4, which comes in at 8.1 GB. The largest of the group is the Warzone update for both Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, which sits at a whopping 25.9 GB.

Below, you can see the full list of update sizes based on the game and platform, so you can start making space ahead of the download.

  • Black Ops Cold War
    • PlayStation 5: 12.3 GB
    • PlayStation 4: 8.1 GB
    • Xbox Series X/S: 11.6 GB
    • Xbox One: 8.3 GB
    • PC: 13.1
  • Warzone
    • PlayStation 5: 25.6 GB
    • PlayStation 4: 25.6 GB
    • Xbox Series X/S: 25.9 GB
    • Xbox One: 25.9 GB
    • PC: 25.2 GB

These aren't the biggest updates we've seen for either game, but they aren't exactly small downloads, either. Particularly in the case of Warzone. If you happen to play both Black Ops Cold War AND Warzone, it's going to be a pretty tough week on your hard drive. As much as you may not want to, deleting a game might be in your very near future.

If you're only playing one of the games, however, only one of the updates is necessary. So, despite the Warzone option on the home page of Black Ops Cold War, you can skip that update if you're just playing through multiplayer, zombies, and campaign.

Are you surprised by these Call of Duty Season 3 file sizes? Let us know in the comments!