Call of Duty: Warzone Teases Die Hard Crossover

Activision was already teasing a new Call of Duty crossover recently with Rambo apparently coming [...]

Activision was already teasing a new Call of Duty crossover recently with Rambo apparently coming to the game at some point, but it looks like that's not the only action hero joining the fray soon. A new teaser shared on Saturday hinted at none other than John McClane from the Die Hard movie and the rest of the films in the franchise. We don't yet know when these teasers will come to fruition and players will actually get the characters, but it seems like a safe bet to say they're both coming to the game soon.

The last teaser involved Call of Duty: Warzone's player report feature to hint at Rambo's arrival and didn't draw immediate connections to the character, but the teaser for Die Hard is a much more decisive one. It's teeming with references to the movie and leads to a site for a fake company set up to hint at the crossover.

There are honestly so many teasers included in the site that not even the most skeptical of Warzone players could deny that a Die Hard crossover is coming. The fictional company the site is set up for is "Nakatomi Duct Cleaning," a double reference to both the Nakatomi Plaza building Die Hard takes place in as well as the air ducts John McClane crawled around in during some of the movie's most screenshottable scenes. The logo for the company also turns the "N" into a lighter like the one McClane used to illuminate the air ducts.

On top of that, the company's slogan is "Say Yippee Ki Yay to Dust," a reference to the movie's most famous quote, and the company was founded in 1988, the year Die Hard released. A description of the company's services makes reference to the movie while connecting this all to Warzone's Verdansk.

"Does heat have your employees dying hard? Keep your workplace cool with help from Nakatomi Duct Cleaning," the info from the teaser site said. "Our world class team is experienced in squeezing through even the smallest of air ducts, crawling until they find the sources of each problem and systematically eliminate them one by one. Contact us for all your needs in Verdansk and ask about our Christmas party discounts."

With Rambo and McClane now essentially confirmed, it seems the trend is '80s action stars, a fitting plan considering Verdansk has now been remodeled. We'll have to see later when these characters arrive and who else will be with them, but they're most definitely coming at some point.