Call of Duty: Warzone Bug Makes Players Invisible

Call of Duty: Warzone players seem to have encountered a particularly frustrating bug that makes it so that other people are invisible. The unseen players are able to shoot back like normal and may not even know that they’re invisible themselves, according to some of the videos that have been shared to show what this problem looks like. Bugs like this that turn players invisible aren’t unheard of in shooters and have affected games throughout the years and in different franchises, but it’s still an annoying problem to come up against especially when you’re playing a first-person shooter like Call of Duty.

A Reddit user by the name of BourbonKing shared the video belo within the CODWarzone subreddit to show what it looked like to go up against an invisible player. After taking damage and spinning around, the player was killed by an opponent who was nowhere to be seen.

The kill cam that flipped the perspective showed the player was there the whole time even if they didn’t show up on the poster’s screen.

Did they update the ghost perk? from r/CODWarzone

This doesn’t appear to be an isolated incident either. While the bug hasn’t been showcased on social media nearly as much as some other issues have, there’s more than one example of this happening within July alone.

The current thinking within the community is that this is indeed a bug and not some sort of exploit or hack players have found a way to appropriate for their own uses, though without hearing one way or another from Activision, it’s unclear what the problem is.


If it is a hack or something like that, those players found to be using it will likely be dealt with accordingly and perhaps already are having actions taken against them. Activision and Infinity Ward have a well-documented history of taking steps to prevent cheating in Warzone and Modern Warfare including public announcement about how many cheaters they’ve banned and systems that force cheaters to play against one another.

Look for a update on this problem in future patch notes to see if and when it’s ever addressed and fixed.