Call of Duty: Warzone Leak Reveals Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Saw Skins

Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare are apparently getting some skins soon from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Saw franchises that’ll be perfect fits for the Halloween season. A datamine of the games’ files following the release of the latest update showed two different bundles featuring Billy, the puppet from Saw, and Leatherface, the cannibalistic killer from the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre movie. More cosmetics related to the two properties are included in the bundles, but the collections don’t yet have release dates.

The two main skins in the bundles are Legendary Operator skins that feature the characters mentioned above, but one of the characters isn’t referenced by his actual name. Instead, the Leatherface skin is called “Skin Crawler” while the Saw skin is still just called “Billy.” The Call of Duty Tracker site that catalogs these sorts of datamines listed both the Texas Chainsaw collection and the Saw collection on its site for players to see everything that’s included. You can see screenshots of those bundles below courtesy of the Charlie Intel Twitter account.

The Skin Crawler cosmetic is for the Operator Velikan while the Billy skin is for Morte. Both bundles cost 2,400 Call of Duty Points and come with 10 different items. Weapon skins, emblems, stickers, calling cards, sprays, and vehicle skins are among the cosmetics included in the sets.

Though the contents and prices of the bundles have been revealed, their release dates have not yet been shared. The Haunting of Verdansk event in Warzone is supposed to start on October 20th which isn’t far away now, so that helps give some timeframe regarding when these skins might be added. If nothing else, they’ll certainly be out before the end of the month or else they’ll risk missing the best possible time to release.

More details on these cosmetic bundles and the rest of the Halloween plans for Modern Warfare and Warzone should be revealed soon, so keep an eye out for all the official updates from Activision and Infinity Ward.