Call of Duty: Warzone: What Is Plunder?

Call of Duty: Warzone’s core battle royale mode is a pretty straightforward experience where you [...]

Call of Duty: Warzone's core battle royale mode is a pretty straightforward experience where you survive to be the last team left, but what's the Plunder mode that appears alongside it? This alternate mode within Warzone still pits a ton of players against each other with 150 players and each match and the general objective being taking out other people, but there's a twist to it. Your goal here is to collect as much money as possible by finding cash throughout the map without losing it to other players and deposit it safely so that others can't take it, but only one team can be the richest and the winner.

To win Plunder, you'll need to know how to find cash. Look for it around the map both in the wild and through completing contracts, but you can always look for people to fight as well since you claim a percentage of their money if you eliminate them. The same is true if you're the one who gets eliminated, but respawns are on in Plunder since there's no Gulag feature, so you'll at least have a shot at winning your money back from someone who steals it.

After you collect your cash, you need to deposit it so that it's safe from others. You can do this by either locating Cash Deposit Helipads around the map or by purchasing a Cash Deposit Balloon from the Buy Stations. The latter is an option you can use anywhere – though you have to spend your money to use it – while the former is free but risky. Players will know when you're using a Helipad, so expect confrontation if you choose that route.

Just as you can buy these Cash Deposit Balloons, you can also pick up things like Killstreaks and Perks through the Buy Stations. Those things are more expensive in this mode than they are in the traditional battle royale experience, so you'll have to make some tough decisions regarding whether you're going to deposit your cash or load up on resources to go clean out another squad's reserves. Top squads will have their locations revealed on the map though, so being in first place will literally put a price on your head.

Towards the end of the match when one team amasses at least $1 million, a bonus round is triggered. This end-game round is a race to see who can collect enough money in two minutes to push their totals to the top of the leaderboards. Things like attack choppers come onto the scene to create high risk, high reward scenarios, so expect players to go for broke during this final round.

Once that round ends, the team with the most total money wins. Compared to the normal battle royale mode, Plunder should prove to be an interesting shakeup on the formula, though the next week or so will tell how popular it is with players.