Call Of Duty WWII Celebrates Veterans Day With Heartfelt Video From Actual WWII Veterans


Call of Duty: WWII is out and had an amazing team of histories work alongside Sledgehammer to make it as historically accurate as possible (sans Zombies, of course ... at least we think). November 11th marks Veteran's Day, a day of remembrance for service members that paid the ultimate price for their country. Being a military-centric title, and a franchise that has done a lot to support veterans in the past, the team behind the latest Call of Duty decided to do an heartfelt tribute to those of service starring actual World War II veterans.

There is a series of three videos that were shared with fans highlighting the service of three veterans:

  • Steve Melnikoff from the 29th Infantry Division
  • Jack Foy from the 87th Infantry Division
  • Paul Martinez from the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment

Each video serves as a touching reminder of an intergral part of history from those that lived it themselves. The franchise itself has done a lot of work with with organisations to help find veterans careers post-service and raising awareness of their value in the civilian world.

To see the Call of Duty: WWII Day of Heroes celebration yourself, check out the three videos below. As several members of our staff are also veterans, we here at ComicBook would like to say thank you to all veterans that have served, are serving, and thank you to those that have made the ultimate sacrifice.