Call of Duty: WWII Newest 'Days of Summer' Trailer Shows Off Even More LImited-Time Content

The Days of Summer event continues in Call of Duty: WWII and brings with it some much needed Rest and Relaxation for soldiers burning that midnight oil during that multiplayer grind. With new weapons, new uniforms, a sandbox map, and tons more to enjoy, it's a great reason to hop back into the game.

The team over at Activision has revealed another new trailer to showcase the different options available during the event.

According to the official game blog, "Captain Butcher is back and he's stocked new casual uniforms and three new weapons to help you beat the summer heat. Plus, try the new Sandbox map, where you can experience battle as a toy soldier – the Sandbox map will launch on PlayStation 4 30 days prior to launch on other platforms. The action is available until August 28 when the Days of Summer Community Event ends."

The dev team added, "The Days of Summer Community Event features 2XP opportunities during Midweek Mobilize and Weekend Warfare, as well as Orders that reward special Days of Summer Bribes. Also, complete Captain Butcher's new Days of Summer Collections before the end of the Event on August 28, when the Collections shut down and can no longer be accessed."

Week 2 is in full swing from August 7 until the 13th with "Midweek Mobilize" having just wrapped up earlier today. Now we're moving into Weekend Warfare that kicks off on August 10th with double the XP in Prop Hunt and double the XP in Nazi Zombies.


There are tons of new gear to enjoy too, which can be seen above, as well as the brand new Sandbox map described as, "Days of Summer features the action-packed Sandbox map. Transform yourself into a plastic toy soldier and battle for victory in a beachside sandbox. Play a mix of game modes in the Sandbox Moshpit playlist, featuring Prop Hunt and other fan favorites."

New gear, new ways to get involved with the community through new challenges, and tons more are all available with the Days of Summer Event now available in Call of Duty: WWII! Will you be playing?