Call of Duty: WWII Double XP Has Accidentally Been On Since Launch, Ends Tomorrow

Call of Duty: WWII players are in for a rough surprise with XP gains dropping dramatically after [...]

Call of Duty WWII XP

Call of Duty: WWII players are in for a rough surprise with XP gains dropping dramatically after an unintentional double XP setting ends.

The latest Call of Duty game has experience its fair share of difficulties since it launched, so monitoring how much XP you earned from each game might not have been your primary concern. But whether you thought the XP earned seemed too low, too high, or just right, you were actually earning double XP the entire time, a mistake confirmed by Sledgehammer Games' Michael Condrey.

"We launched with 2XP active, unintentionally," Condrey wrote on Reddit. "Everyone was getting 2XP since 11/3 and up until we made the playlist change late Thursday night, which effectively launched 3XP. Come Monday, when we turn off the XP bonus, it will effectively revert to what we should have had at launch (aka 1XP). So early players, you got a huge head start."

Condrey's response was a follow-up comment when one of his tweets made it to the WWII subreddit. The post that Condrey commented on had a screenshot of his reply to a YouTuber who questioned whether the double XP event in WWII was actually active. Condrey responded with a tweet before clarifying on Reddit that there was "No sarcasm in my response."

So, while this past weekend was supposed to grant double the XP to players, it turns out that it was actually granting three times the XP instead. You likely haven't noticed the XP drop-off just yet though, but that's because it's only been reduced by a bit now that the 3X XP boost has ended. Condrey said in another tweet that's seen above that they'd be extending the double XP bonus for another 24 hours.

The double XP event that's been extended for one more day is now scheduled to end on Nov. 14 at 10 a.m. PT, so get in as much Call of Duty time as you can tonight before the XP gains drop off.