Call of Duty: WWII Offers Double XP in Certain Playlists


The latest weekly update for Call of Duty: WWII offers players double XP for participating in a certain playlist and tracks players' progress on a community challenge.

Sledgehammer Games took to Activision's Call of Duty site this Friday for another weekly update and informed players where they can go this weekend to earn twice the XP. This weekend from Friday till Monday, those who play in the Ground War: WAR playlist will earn more XP across every location with one exception that rules out just one map.

"Party Up 2XP for Ground War: WAR. It's time for Weekend Warfare!" the Slegehammer Games weekly update said. "Party Up in Ground War: WAR for 2XP from now until Monday, April 30 at 10AM PDT. This applies to all War Mode maps except Operation Husky (the dogfighting mechanic doesn't like the whole 9v9 thing, unfortunately)."

In addition to the news about the double XP mode, the multiplayer portion of the update also kept players updated on the Blitzkrieg Community Challenge that's been going on since April 20. By completing either Contracts or Orders, players contribute to the overall goal and unlock new loot for everyone. With the first week of the community challenge completed, players have already unlocked the first tier of rewards.

"Blitzkrieg Community Challenge. Great job, everyone! You've already completed Tier 1 of the Community Challenge and are on to Tier 2! Eligible recipients can find the 'Clip' Emblem reward in their Mail. Keep on grinding to complete as many Orders and Contracts as you can to reach the ultimate goal: 75 million completed Orders and Contracts for the Grease Gun 'Rosie II' variant!"

For anyone looking to participate in the community challenge, it's completed similarly to the way that you'd normally complete your daily Orders and Contracts. Still, the previous post about the community challenge provided easy instructions for anyone who wants to help everyone earn the rewards.

If you want to complete Contracts:

  • Launch Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer
  • Tab over to HQ menu
  • Head to the Quartermaster (Captain Butcher)
  • Select Contracts you want to complete
  • Complete Contracts
  • Completed Contracts will be automatically tallied towards the community total

If you want to complete Orders:

  • Launch Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer
  • Tab over to HQ menu
  • Head to the Operations Officer (Major Howard)
  • Select Orders you want to complete
  • Complete Orders
  • Completed Orders will be automatically tallied towards the community total