Call of Duty: WWII's Heaquarters Mode Finally Working as Intended

The social space known as Headquarters in Call of Duty: WWII is now working as it should be with [...]

The social space known as Headquarters in Call of Duty: WWII is now working as it should be with other players now roaming the grounds.

Headquarters was originally intended to be a social experience with players able to interact with each other and watch their friends crack open some loot boxes, but it was missing one key aspect: Other players. From checking mail and collecting your in-game currency to collecting new daily and weekly missions, there was plenty to do in Headquarters, but you'd have to do it all yourself.

The multi-man Headquarters mode was previously restricted to just individual players due to some server issues that Call of Duty: WWII faced, issues that affected both the social space as well as other online interactions. With those issues now taken care of, you can now force others to gawk at your loot boxes as they drop down from the sky, loot boxes that can now be purchased with your real money now that Call of Duty Points are live in the latest Call of Duty game. These points can be used to purchase Rare Supply Drops in multiplayer as well as those in the Zombies mode. You may have earned some free Call of Duty Points depending on which version of WWII that you purchased, so check your mail station to see if they're present.

But now that the Headquarters mode is operational, you can do much more than simply open your loot boxes in front of an audience. Other areas of the social space such as the 1v1 area and other challenges outlined in the trailer above can now be accessed thanks to the addition of up to 48 players in each Headquarters space.

Some players are still reporting that they're having some difficulties finding others in the social arena, but plenty of Call of Duty fans are thrilled to have the Headquarters area looking a bit more filled out, something that's probably taken some players off guard if you weren't expecting the change.

Make sure you stop in the Headquarters area next time you log into Call of Duty: WWII to see all the excitement of the feature and maybe even watch some loot box reveals while you're there.