Call of Duty: WWII Getting New Zombie Event

While Call of Duty: WWII’s intense action is enough to stir up any player, it’s when you throw [...]

While Call of Duty: WWII's intense action is enough to stir up any player, it's when you throw zombies into the mix that things start getting really crazy. And a new community event is about to bring more of them into the picture.

The development team at Sledgehammer games has announced a new in-game event called Attack of the Dead, which kicks off today and runs through June 26.

It's one of the biggest events to date for the World War II game, offering three new modes that you and your buddies can take on. They include Infected, Hordepoint (a variation of the series staple Hardpoint) and Relic of the Undead. And to keep you busy with each of the modes, there's also a brand new map called Groesten Haus available, throwing some new Nazi Zombies challenges your way to boot.

In addition, you've got a slew of new weapons to take advantage of These include the Nambu Type 2 submachine gun; a Stinger light machine gun, two sniper rifles named the Lever Action and the PTRS-41; the Blunderbuss; and the Fire Axe and Claymore Sword, ideal for taking down zombies up close. It sounds like they make quite the mess, too.

Here's the breakdown of modes that will be available over the course of the next few weeks:

  • Infected (May 29): This mode will make its Call of Duty: WWII debut during Attack of the Undead, so be prepared to keep your friends close and your recently turned undead friends as far away from you as possible.
  • Hordepoint (June 5): Hardpoint with an undead twist! Capture the Hardpoints with your teammates, then be prepared to defend them from your enemies as well as Nazi zombie attacks!
  • Relic of the Undead (June 12): In this game mode you must hold onto a Nazi zombie head for as long as possible to earn points. Think of this game as Gridiron without any goals, or a deadly version of keep-away.

Here's a quick description of the Groesten Haus map as well:

Set near the Kyffhäuser Mountains, Groesten Haus is anything but a peaceful cabin in the woods. Close quarters fighting is plentiful inside the cabin, where there is little room to hide from enemies. This will also be the setting where three new Multiplayer modes featuring the undead will take place.

Check out the trailer above to see just how intense things get in Attack of the Undead, which is happening now!

Call of Duty: WWII is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.