Call of Duty: WWII Weekly Update Includes Double XP, Scorestreak Tuning

Call of Duty: WWII players still have a chance to take part in a double XP for Gun Game event [...]

Cal of Duty WWII

Call of Duty: WWII players still have a chance to take part in a double XP for Gun Game event along with other changes detailed in the game's weekly community update.

In the update, Sledgehammer Games broke down some new and returning topics with details on what's being worked on and changes that have already been made. One of the more notable parts of the update is the massive Domination game mode that's being tested that'll allow many more players to take part in the point-capturing chaos.

The full list of areas covered by Sledgehammer Games in the latest update can be found below, but make sure to take advantage of the double XP period before it ends.

  • 2XP on Gun Game: We love it, you love it. That's why we decided to make it part of our Resistance Community Event! We've really enjoyed watching the community play this week. If you haven't checked it out yet, get in there and try it out before Tuesday, February 20th at 10AM PT.
  • PC Missing Winter Bribes: We had some issues compensating some players for missed Winter Bribes during our Winter Siege event. We took the feedback from PC players about this issue to heart and worked with our teams here at the studio to make this right. We apologize for the wait and the frustration. We're gifting 3 Rare Resistance Supply Drops to all PC players. Look for these to be awarded soon.
  • Dom XL/100: We've almost done running internal tests and are excited to announce we will soon be ready to roll this out! We plan to run this as its own playlist and keep Dom 50 in the rotation, so you'll have the option to try out both if you'd like. In fact, we highly encourage it!
  • Scorestreak Tuning: This week, we made some changes to Paratroopers and the way they interact with enemy aerial scorestreaks. On top of those changes, we're also working on some additional tweaks to scorestreaks that we'll be rolling out in a future update coming soon. Stay tuned.
  • Supply Drops: We've heard reports from some of you that some supply drops that have been redeemed are missing (or that the in-game UI you're seeing might indicate that), especially when leveling up. We are working with all teams internally to investigate this. We totally understand the frustration, and will keep you posted once we have a solid answer. Thanks for your patience!
  • Orders and Contracts: We know you're excited about these, and we are too! We're putting the finishing touches on them and making sure they're ready to go for DLC 2.
  • Pommel Regenerating Issues: We are working on a fix for this to come in a future update.
  • Monk Not Accepting Spines: We are also looking into issues with this reported by some of you in the community. Stand by on updates.