Capcom Wants to Bring Games to the Switch That Have Never Appeared on Nintendo Consoles

Capcom was a bit bashful in its approach to the Nintendo Switch. Capcom and Nintendo have enjoyed [...]

Capcom was a bit bashful in its approach to the Nintendo Switch. Capcom and Nintendo have enjoyed a mutually supportive relationship in years past, but we've seen a pretty disappointing turnout from Capcom on the Switch so far. We've heard plenty of excuses as to why that is, but now that Street Fighter and Resident Evil have proven that there's an audience there, Capcom seems eager to bring more of its hit games to the platform.

The phrasing here caught our attention. We don't have a direct translation in front of us, but Serkan Toto has always been a reliable source of information, and the fact that this interview indicates that Capcom is interested in bringing games that "were not available on Nintendo consoles previously" has our interests piqued. There are some key games that fit that description.

Devil May Cry is one series that we expect to see hit that Switch at some point in the near future, since we've never seen a Devil May Cry entry appear on a Nintendo console. The Switch would be more than capable of running pretty much any game in the series, so we'd welcome a collection. Likewise, Dead Rising sticks out as another franchise that could use a remastered collection on the Switch. Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 have sold well so far; Nintendo fans love killing zombies.

There are other series that have seen games appear on Nintendo consoles, but there are specific games that seem to be passing the Switch up for now. Where is our Okami HD, and where is our Marvel vs. Capcom? With the recent reveal that a Street Fighter collection on the way, and Street Fighter II sales exceeding expectations, Marvel vs. Capcom seems like a no-brainer. Personally, I'd love to see Marvel vs. Capcom 2 make an appearance.

Anything is possible, and we are expecting a significant Nintendo Direct next month, so stay tuned!