Capcom Is Inviting Resident Evil Ambassadors to Play Another Unannounced Game

Capcom is apparently sending out invitations to those in its Resident Evil Ambassador program to bring in testers for yet another unannounced game. These invitations which were distributed via email obviously don’t say what the game in question is – it’d be announced if that were the case – but the tease has Resident Evil fans wondering what Capcom might have in store since it’s already got two different known Resident Evil projects in the works.

The emails in question were shared on Reddit (thanks, IGN) where people were able to see the contents of it and discuss what the unannounced game might be. The text of the email said that the Ambassador program would be undergoing some systematic changes to add tier levels to the program which is some information of interest for anyone who’s already in it, but for those both in and out of the Ambassador program, there was a note about playing an unannounced game.

“Also, as limited offers to Ambassadors, we have invitations to a play test session of our unannounced title, and priority seats at our game show booth,” the text from the email which was shared on Reddit said.

An asterisk affixed to that sentence said that people in the program would have to apply for the play test to be eligible, but it didn’t offer any information about when the play session might happen or what game would be played there. Since the Ambassador program will now have a ranking system from Bronze to Platinum, it makes sense then that Capcom said the higher-ranked Ambassadors will be more likely to be selected for the test.

Regarding what the next game might be, it’s easy enough to rule out a few possibilities since they’ve already been announced. Had the emails been sent out a month ago, one would think the new game would be Resident Evil 3, but that remake was formally announced last week during The Game Awards. Resident Evil: Resistance which was formally called Project Resistance has also been demoed by the public more than once, so it wouldn’t make sense for it to be that game.


One of the possibilities people entertained in the comments was the next numbered installment in the Resident Evil series which would be Resident Evil 8 or whatever Capcom ends up calling it. Some suggested that it might not even be a Resident Evil game and could instead be something pertaining to Capcom’s trademarks it just filed, but one would imagine that it’s a Resident Evil project since it’s been sent out to that series’ Ambassador program.

We don’t yet know what this unannounced game is, but Resident Evil fans can at least look forward to Resident Evil 3 releasing on April 3rd with Resident Evil: Resistance included in the package.