Chex Quest HD Brings Back a Beloved Cereal Tie-In

Back in the '90s, licensed video games were all the rage. While licensed games certainly still exist, it seemed that just about any property would get its own video game, back then, no matter how implausible it might have seemed. There were even games based on popular food and beverages, including Cool Spot, M.C. Kids, and Chex Quest. Shockingly enough, the latter game is about to see a revival, thanks to General Mills and developer Flight School Studio. Originally released on PC in 1996, Chex Quest HD is a first-person shooter loosely based on the popular cereal/trail mix ingredient, using the original DOOM engine.

In the game, players take on the role of a member of the Chex Mix Squadron as they face-off with the evil forces of the Flemoids on the planet of Bazoik. With six playable characters and split-screen co-op gameplay, the title could just be the perfect throwback for retro enthusiasts! It's certainly strange to see a game like Chex Quest getting the HD treatment, but the game does seem to have a devoted fan base! Chex Quest HD will be available as a free download on Steam.


Of course, players that want to take their love a step farther can do so thanks to an upcoming release from Limited Run Games. The publisher is offering several options for Chex cereal fans to check out. For $39.99, fans can get the game, a CD soundtrack, a poster, and an instruction manual. However, for $149.99, players get these items plus a t-shirt, a metal coin, a USB, a Chex piece keychain, stickers, a Chex Warrior statue, an electronic Zorcher replica, two enamel pins, and a foil rigid box designed to look like a box of cereal. Last but not least, the game's soundtrack will be released on vinyl LP for $27.99. All of these items will be offered as open pre-orders, starting on April 17th and lasting for four weeks.

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