Chivalry 2: How to Get Into the Cross-Platform Beta

Chivalry 2 from Torn Banner Studios has been in testing for a while now with players able to experience it in an alpha preview, but next week, it’ll be open to many more players during a closed beta. That beta test will be cross-platform as well which means that players across consoles and PC platforms will be able to try it out. It all kicks off on April 23rd, and as of right now, there’s one way to get guaranteed access to the beta.

As you might’ve expected if you’ve taken part in other games’ betas in the past, the surefire way to get into the one for Chivalry 2 is to pre-order the game. Pre-orders should now be live across all the available platforms the game’s planned for including PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as on the Epic Games Store where the game will be exclusive on the PC for a year. Pre-ordering the game regardless of the chosen platform will ensure that you’re able to take part in the beta when it starts next week.

The developers also still have a signup page on the game’s site for the PC version of both the alpha and beta. Signing up there can enter you into a lottery to gain access to the tests, so you’ll perhaps be able to get in that way without having to pre-order the game if you’re lucky.

If you haven’t heard much about the public opinion of Chivalry 2 despite there being closed alpha tests taking place, that’s because there’s been an NDA in effect to keep people from talking about their experiences just yet. However, that NDA won’t apply to the closed beta that’s coming up. That means that even if you’re unable to get into Chivalry 2’s beta before it starts, you’ll be able to see what the community thinks of it once more people have their hands on the game.


Chivalry 2 follows the original Chivalry released in 2012 and focuses heavily on its combat that consists of various attacks, evasive maneuvers, and parries. The game’s FAQ paints a picture of what’s changed over the years and previews what players will experience in the closed beta.

Chivalry 2’s closed beta starts on April 23rd and will run until April 26th.