Chivalry 2 Roadmap Updated, New Patch Releasing Very Soon

Following the release of Chivalry 2’s biggest update yet, developer Torn Banner Studios has [...]

Following the release of Chivalry 2's biggest update yet, developer Torn Banner Studios has updated its roadmap to give players a better idea of what content is coming next. On top of that, the developer has also confirmed that it plans to release a hotfix update next. A few details pertaining to the changes coming in the hotfix have been shared, and while we don't know exactly when it'll release, Torn Banner Studios said the patch is "coming very soon."

Over on the game's Twitter account, Torn Banner Studios made players aware of the changes to the game's roadmap and the incoming hotfix. The roadmap's been hosted on Trello since the game released and is still present there with a new column dedicated to the Hotfix Patch 2.1.1 now added to show what's changing.

Below are the only three changes that have been listed so far for the hotfix. It's a brief list, but the improvements related to servers should be something for everyone to look forward to.

Chivalry 2 Hotfix Patch 2.1.1

  • EGS Party invites not showing up
  • Customization not being applied to some players in game
  • Server stability improvements

You'd be forgiven for not keeping up with the roadmap religiously, but if that's the case, you might not be aware of everything that's changed there beyond the addition of this hotfix column. Torn Banner Studios highlighted the major roadmap changes in the game's Discord channel to bring players up to speed.

The "General Issues Tracker" column has been removed now that many of its issues have been resolved. "Cross platform parties" and "PS4-PS5 cross generation party support" have similarly been moved to the "Future Updates" column. Beyond the column for the "coming very soon" hotfix, we also now see columns for Content Update 2 and Content Update 3. The former is coming at some point this year and includes Arena Mode updates, a new game mode, and more.

Many of those features listed in the columns for the next content updates were already ones teased before, but they've now been better organized into their respective updates to give players ideas of when they'll be released. This roadmap will undoubtedly be updated again in the future as priorities and release timeframes shift, so keep an eye out for changes if there's a particular Chivalry 2 feature or update you're looking forward to.