Huge Chivalry 2 Halloween Update Comes With Several Highly-Requested Features

An absolutely massive Chivalry 2 update is live alongside patch notes which reveal that in addition to adding a variety of new features players have been asking for and some much-needed changes, the update ushers in Halloween to the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X game. 

At the moment of publishing, it's unclear how big the file sizes are for the game's second major update, dubbed "Chivalry 2 Content Update - Fight Knight (2.2)." That said, the patch notes suggest the download for the update may be on the longer side, especially if you're on a last-gen machine. 

Below, you can check out the update's patch notes, courtesy of Torn Banner Studios:


  • Three Halloween Pumpkin Helmets - Spooky, Sad and Goofy
  • Jack O Lantern carryables (two large 2h versions, one small 1h version)
  • Interactable grave plots - pick up a spare arm, its previous owner doesn't need it anyways
  • Body part carryables (assets already existed) + weapon racks, baskets and piles of limbs and bones (assets already existed)
  • A hidden ghost? Spooky!
  • Ghost statues
  • Witch Cauldrons that act as weapon racks, giving skulls
  • Halloween decorated maps: Brawl: Lionspire (Great Hall), TDM: Wardenglade, FFA: Wardenglade, TO: Rudhelm and Dark Forest


New Gamemode - Last Team Standing. Fight to be the final team alive in this large-scale, round-based fighting mode - a returning favourite from Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (2012).

  • Existing TDM maps are supported as well as new Falmire Village, with Galencourt Amphitheater coming soon!
  • Offline support added

New Gamemode - Brawl. Embrace chaos and duke it out with your fists, or whatever you can grab - in the Great Hall or Rudhelm Feast maps - with up to 40 players!

  • Maps: Lionspire Great Hall and Rudhelm Feast



  • New Victory podium
  • New Victory and Defeat animations
  • Warm up timer now gets skipped when enough players are present
  • Fixed countdown audio being half a second off time
  • Special items are now disabled in this mode and Duel mode
  • Arrows now properly reset each round
  • Fixed Announcer VO for time remaining playing after match ends
  • Ending summary screen adjustments to show the rounds won per team and the player list
  • Added audio stingers behind the Countdown and Fight! voiceovers
  • Offline support added
  • Fixed arena games failing to backfill and starting with only 2 players on a team
  • Fixed cancelling search before a game starts causing game to start unbalanced
  • Fleshwound overlays are now removed between rounds
  • Both players will no longer end up on the same team in 1v1. Added more audio fanfare between Arena mode rounds. New arena mode match start countdown voice over. Idle kick timer is now working as intended. When a timeout occurs the UI now reads as "Draw" instead of "Round Lost/Won." Match no longer ends in a draw if one team has more kills than the other but has one remaining player alive. Reduced out of combat area on Falmire

Team Deathmatch:

  • Reduced match time by 600 seconds
  • Closed gates for Agatha spawns on Falmire


  • Votekick values have been changed to the following values:
  • Team Deathmatch: 45-55%
  • Team Objective: 45-55%
  • FFA: 60-70%
  • Duels: 35%


  • When a game is started by users that do not have crossplay enabled, it will only allow non-crossplay users to rejoin that match and prevent crossplay users from joining it
  • Fixed disabling crossplay causing matchmaking problems for all crossplay users
  • Fixed an issue with matchmaking failing if crossplay is disabled on 64p and FFA queues
  • When joining a server while backfill is in progress players will not longer be removed from the server
  • Rejoining the same server no longer has a chance to kick you
  • Fixed a case where an entire party would not be successfully matched into the same game


  • Friends and party members are now always placed on the same team at the start of a game
  • When searching for a game as a party, the party members latency no longer attributes to the match (only the party leaders does) which should decrease the time it takes to find a match
  • Fixed a case where parties would fail to migrate to a new match after finishing a match and would be instead sent back to the main menu
  • PlayStation - Accepting an invite from another player while queueing now properly updates the party widget
  • Fixed an issue with parties failing to migrate together if the finished match had less than 12 players
  • Fixed a case where console parties could fail to migrate with the rest of the server into a new map
  • Console - inviting a player to your party from in-game is now disabled, matching PC standards. Parties need to be formed while on the main menu


Chivalry 2 is available via the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. For more coverage on the multiplayer game, click here.