Chivalry 2 Releases Patch Notes for Massive First Update

The first Chivalry 2 update is here and about to go live on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, [...]

The first Chivalry 2 update is here and about to go live on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. In the meantime, the official patch notes for the update have been revealed, detailing everything being added to, tweaked, and improved. Not only is this the first update since the game's launch last month, but it's a big update, as the extensive patch notes below convey.

At the moment of writing this, the update isn't live, and it won't be live until 1 p.m. EST. In other words, it will be released within the hour, and according to a post accompanying the patch notes, the patch "addresses some of the most impactful issues affecting Chivalry 2 at launch."

Below, you can check out the update's official and complete patch notes, courtesy of developer Torn Banner Studios and publisher Tripwire Interactive:

* PC – Fixed an issue with online presence not updating properly which prevented players from joining and getting into games as a party. For example, if a player is invited to join a party but is already in one, you will receive a message stating ' is already in a party. We expect more improvements in the next update as well.
* Fixed an issue where parties dropped out after a match ended and were unintentionally sent back to the main menu
* Added a visual indicator that someone in a party cannot be invited to another party
* PC – If you are in a match and accept a party invite on PC, you will now be sent to the main menu to join the party
* Fixed an issue where a party member was not brought into the game with the game leader when using the server browser
* Accepting a party invite while in-game will no longer cover the disconnects prompt with the controls screen
* The queue timer will no longer continue to countdown if ownership is transferred from the party leader after starting a matchmaking session
* The party member icon will no longer disappear from the scoreboard after being in a party while loading another session from a prior one.
* Set party voice playback to use same device output as the game audio
* Party members will now see a voice indication in the UI for themselves and other party members when speaking
* The Xbox Series S will now play at the intended 60 frames per second!
* Fixed a performance issue where player corpses would negatively impact performance.
* Improved overall performance during the Lionspire banner stage
* Fixed some movement correction that happened while jumping
* Reduced players' ability to significantly backwards drag before a swing
* Fixed an issue where players visually sprinted sideways too much in third-person.
* Active riposte and counter durations now continue for remaining duration if attack is feinted/transitions to heavy attack
* Fixed attacking queuing issues, so players will now be able to more successfully initiate a follow up parry, attack, or dash
* Kick/Jab/Special cooldown is now refreshed when entering Interrupting states
* Fixed server movement corrections on dodging and jumping (caused visual jittering to occur for players)
* Bandage kits no longer deal damage to teammates. Friendly archers are better at this already!
* Fixed an issue where player could get stuck with fists and unable to attack after climbing ladder
* Fixed an issue where initiating a combat action immediately after doing a VO line did not work. Get your taunts ready!
* Fixed a bug with the Greatsword parry where player collision would not match their position when their parry was broken
* Temporarily disabled 1 handed spear to rework animation sets and make it more readable
* Added missing impact sounds and impact sparks
* Added a cooldown when using a Kick into an attack
* Fixed an issue where picking up a damaged constructible would cause it to be invulnerable next time it is placed
* Visually fixed the players feet not moving during a jump and when landing a jump
* Fixed sprint turn animation not being in sync between clients in third-person
* Fixed animation popping in 1P/3P when cancelling attack into another attack
* Fixed an animation break that occurred when attacking right after Parry recovery
* Removed sliding that occurred when attacking while strafing forward in third-person
* Fixed legs being stuck in idle while moving around and fighting
* Fixed animation freezes after getting hit during a heavy slash feint to jab with a shield
* Fixed server physics for interrupts not playing animations
* Fixed animation stutters with combo to (alt) feint
* Fixed an Xbox crash that occurred when resuming from a suspended state (while on the Store menu), and when attempting to use save data from an Xbox One X console on an Xbox Series S console
* Fixed a PS4/PS5 crash that occurred when loading into the tutorial
* Fixed a crash that could occur when dismounting a ladder
* Fixed a crash during post-game screen transition
* Fixed issue where Crossbowman could get disconnected from server during regular gameplay
* Removed various exploits used to equip locked items
* Fixed hair not adjusting to the characters head sizes
* Fixed white/grey hair colour not being able to be equipped. (Malric's grandmother could not be more excited!)
* Fixed an issue where female heads would reset to male head
* Added more tickets to the map Fighting Pit. So do what you do best Knights, die more!
* Fixed visual issue with large doors in Fighting Pit not visually opening
* Removed center spawns in FFA Tournament Grounds for balancing purposes
* Fixed an issue where players sometimes missed the initial spawn at the start of a match
* Fixed server browser max player counts not displaying correctly
* Fixed issue where loadout screen weapon info doesn't update on class change
* Fixed missing voice UI to indicate a party member was talking (speaking icon)
* Fixed various flow issues surrounding parties (maintaining party status after a match ends, etc)
* Fixed various missing localizations
* Thrown weapon impacts are now using the proper sound sets. They'll now sound a bit less like an 80s arcade fighter game.
* Commander battlecries have been made LOUDER, they may have had too much ale pre-battle
* Party voice playback now uses same device output as the game audio
* Various audio sound effect mix refinements
Other Changes
* Improved matchmaking for PlayStation Users receiving "matchmaking failed" messages
* Fixed an issue where teams sometimes started overly imbalanced after a map travel. The Order will have to find some new way to come out on top.
* Made tweaks to class, global, and weapon xp requirements
* Updated Crown prices across regions

Chivalry 2 is available via the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. For more coverage on it and all things gaming, click here.