Cities: Skylines Coming to Xbox Game Pass in April With Mod Support

Today, during Microsoft's Inside Xbox livestream, it was revealed that popular city-builder, [...]

cities- skylines

Today, during Microsoft's Inside Xbox livestream, it was revealed that popular city-builder, Cities: Skylines, is coming to Xbox Game Pass this April. Further, it will arrive with mod support.

In addition to Cities: Skylines, the stream also revealed that eight other games will join the service that month, though what games exactly, wasn't divulged.

And the addition of mod support isn't light news either. To date, Cities: Skylines features over 144,000 mods on PC. Thus, even if the Xbox One version only grabs a small piece of the game's modding community, there will be ample mods for Xbox gamers to enjoy and mess around with.

For those that don't know: Xbox Game Pass is the video games version of a Netflix subscription service that first launched back in June 2017. Essentially, what the service offers is unlimited access to Xbox One and backward compatible Xbox 360 games for $9.99 USD a month. Each month some new games are rotated in, while some older ones are cycled out. According to Microsoft, this is done to keep the library feeling fresh.

Unlike the streaming service Netflix – or the similar PlayStation Now – the games in the Xbox Game Pass library can be downloaded right onto your system, rather than simply streamed. However, if you ditch the service, the games downloaded with it also go.

Microsoft has notably been adding to the service lately, revealing back in January that going forward all first-party exclusive games will be made available to the service the day they launch, for free, and remain there permanently.

As for Cities: Skylines, this news comes off the back of its publisher Paradox Interactive recently revealing that its best-selling game ever surpassed five million copies sold on PC just in time for its three-year-old anniversary.

More on the game below, courtesy of Paradox Interactive:

Cities: Skylines is a modern take on the classic city simulation. The game introduces new game play elements to realize the thrill and hardships of creating and maintaining a real city whilst expanding on some well-established tropes of the city building experience.

It also includes the ability to mod the game to suit your play style as a fine counter balance to the layered and challenging simulation. You're only limited by your imagination, so take control and reach for the sky!