Code Vein Gets Hard-Hitting Gameplay Trailer

Bandai Namco released a new gameplay trailer for Code Vein that shows off some of the characters’ hard-hitting, greatsword-swinging combat.

The action RPG has been compared to Dark Souls in the past thanks to its dark, violent atmosphere and combat mechanics, and from a fighting standpoint, it’s evident why that comparison was made. Throughout the gameplay trailer, we can see a variety of weapons being utilized such as a massive greatsword that can only be swung a few times before depleting the grey stamina bar on the bottom-left that’s above the health bar. Other sizeable weapons such as what appears to be halberd can also be seen later on in the video in the fiery dungeon filled with environmental hazards. The game’s combat system also features some staple mechanics like parrying and rolling around to avoid danger.

Outside of the combat though, it’s already been made clear that there are some distinct differences that set the game apart from the Souls series. For one, you’ll notice that there’s someone with the main character during these fights in the combat trailer. That’s just one of the many companions that Bandai Namco said players will be able to bring with them during their dungeon crawls, though it appears as though you can only select one at a time to accompany you. These companions have their own “Gifts,” abilities that are powered by draining enemies’ blood, and judging from the splashes of blood in the trailer, there’s plenty to go around.


Though these AI companions can get you far in the game, Code Vein will also have a multiplayer component to assist you when you’re in need of help. In February, Bandai Namco confirmed that there would be a multiplayer aspect to the game by way of a distress signal. Players can signal when they need help in a particular area, and if their plea is heard, another player will come assist them. Think of it as a reversed version of the White Soapstone in the Dark Souls games.

A release date for Code Vein has not yet been revealed, but it’s said to be coming this year for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.