Nintendo Announces Cloud Versions of Control and Hitman 3

Nintendo Switch has announced "Cloud Versions" of Control and Hitman 3. Earlier today, Nintendo announced that both Control and Hitman 3 will be released for the Nintendo Switch. Instead of releasing standard editions of the games, both Control and Hitman 3 will utilize cloud streaming technology, the first time this technology has appeared on the console outside of Japan. Not only will this allow players to play two popular games that the Nintendo Switch's hardware wouldn't be able to handle normally, it also opens the door for future game releases that would otherwise only be available on more powerful platforms.

Basically, cloud streaming utilizes high speed internet to stream a game from a server to your console instead of relying on the processing power of the Nintendo Switch. Both Hitman 3 and Control rather notoriously struggled to function on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles, both of which have higher capacities than the Nintendo Switch did. By utilizing cloud streaming technology, Nintendo could potentially see more games come over to the Nintendo Switch, including those released for next-gen systems.

In order to use cloud streaming technology, players will need a persistent high-speed Internet connection. Prior to purchasing the game, players will have the opportunity to test their connection by playing through the first five minutes of the game. If players don't have an issue with their connection speed, they can choose to purchase the game. If the control is unstable, they'll likely want to take a pass.


Control Ultimate Edition - Cloud Version is available now for the Nintendo Switch. The award-winning game puts players in charge of stopping a reality corrupting threat by collecting Objects of Power. Hitman 3 is a brand new Hitman game due to be released on other platforms in January 2021 - no release date was announced for the Cloud Edition.