Control Developer Shares Update on Four Projects Including an Unannounced Game

Remedy Entertainment, the creators of the acclaimed game Control and the Alan Wake series, has [...]

Remedy Entertainment, the creators of the acclaimed game Control and the Alan Wake series, has several different projects in the works. Those projects range from DLC for Control to games we already know some limited details about to ones that haven't even been announced yet. In Remedy's most recent financial statements, the studio gave an overview of four different projects to give an idea of their status and how development is moving along.

Three of the four projects Remedy detailed in its financial statements from a period ending on December 31, 2019, were known quantities. The first of those is some DLC for Control which was announced last year and is still in the works. Remedy touted the success of Control so far while adding that there are still more people to reach. For people who've already beaten it or those who are still yet to be reached, you can expect "two paid game expansions" to be released later this year.

Much different from Control is CrossfireX, the first Crossfire game releasing on a console. Remedy is working with Smilegate on that project and will include a single-player campaign in the 2020 game when it releases for the Xbox One.

The third project is the most interesting one because of how little was said about it. While other projects received some details no matter how slim, Remedy only referred to the third game as an "unannounced game project." It also said that, whatever it is, the development is "proceeding well."

And then there's Vanguard, the project title for a new multiplayer experience Remedy is working on.

"The team working on our fourth project, Vanguard, has reached the stage of having the first internally playable development version of the game," Remedy said. "The goal of Vanguard is to create a game that combines long-term service-based multiplayer experiences with some of Remedy's unique game features."

Remedy added that both of those projects are preparing to enter the pre-production stage. For those concerned about Remedy stretching itself thin, the developer said it's staying true to its style and is working on managing the different projects.

"Both projects are preparing for pre-production," Remedy continued. "Overall, we have continued to systematically develop Remedy's production competences, processes and ways of working. A special focus has been on extending our capabilities of distributed development, including wider external development projects, co-developments with partners and outsourcing specific parts of the project."

If you still haven't tried Control, you can see our review of the game here to know what to expect from it.