‘Crackdown 3’ Will Be Playable At X018 Next Month

There’s been a lot of talk about Microsoft’s oft-delayed Crackdown 3 -- mainly with concerns [...]

There's been a lot of talk about Microsoft's oft-delayed Crackdown 3 -- mainly with concerns about whether the game would come out at all. But it looks like Microsoft has something big planned for it, particularly at next month's X018 event in Mexico City.

Crackdown 3

A new tweet from the Xbox Mexico account has appeared, indicating that the game will be present -- and playable -- at the event. The company noted, "Crackdown 3 joins the list of games that have not yet come out and will be available in #XboxFanFest." You can see the tweet and the image below.

This is pretty big news for the game, as it marks the first time that the game has been made playable to the public this year. It wasn't featured in Microsoft's line-up during E3 earlier this summer; and also missed out on other crucial game events, including both PAX East and West, as well as Brazil Game Show and Gamescom, two relatively big events for the Xbox community.

The game has been pushed back time and time again, initially set to release alongside the Xbox One X last year before being delayed to early 2018. Now, it's currently set for February 2019, with Phil Spencer recently noting that the game is making "good progress." That said, though, there's no guarantee that it won't be delayed again. In fact, an announcement could be made at the show with a "final" release date, if it's not in just a few months.

The game's continuous delays have dealt quite a blow to Microsoft on a number of occasions. It was intended to be a huge holiday release alongside the Xbox One X last year before its eventual delay, and has since not seen the light of day in terms of hands-on support, leaving us wondering if the game was still coming at all. But this tweet confirms that it's still coming, and, fingers crossed, it should still be one hell of a sequel.

Crackdown 3 is currently set for a February 2019 release on Xbox One and Xbox One X. We'll bring you all the information from X018 when it kicks off on November 10 through 11 in Mexico City, as Microsoft will be live-streaming the event.