Crash Bandicoot 4 Reveal Date Leaked

The latest development in leaks and rumors pertaining to the new Crash Bandicoot game may have [...]

The latest development in leaks and rumors pertaining to the new Crash Bandicoot game may have just given us a date to expect an official reveal of the rumored Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. That reveal is supposedly set to happen on June 22nd, according to analyst Daniel Ahmad who said the reveal was and still is supposed to take place as part of the Summer Game Fest announcements. The latest on the game follows a leak from this week that revealed the game's title and artwork after it was rated on a Taiwanese site for games' age ratings.

Ahmad tweeted about the game after the rating was already spotted online. The analyst said June 22nd is when we can expect to see the game's reveal and said that just as the ratings for the game suggested, there's no Nintendo Switch version planned.

Geoff Keighley, the organizer of the Summer Game Fest events, tweeted on Friday about a new game announcement planned for June 22nd that'll also feature gameplay. There was no mention of Crash Bandicoot, so it could very well be a different game entirely, but it lines up nicely with what's already expected from the rumors so far.

Crash's return in a new game is something people have been requesting for some time now considering how popular the N. Sane Trilogy and other retro returns like the Spyro games have been. Some merchandise leaks spotted not long ago indicated that a new game might be in the works, but that was all Crash Bandicoot hopefuls had to go off of until now. Much more official teasers surfaced recently with press members and content creators getting puzzles that directly referenced Crash Bandicoot. All those teasers culminated in what we know now, that there's definitely a game out that that's been rated and that we'll supposedly see it revealed soon.

This reveal on Monday will share the day with another event planned by Nintendo. The next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character, the one from ARMS, will be revealed on the same day. Smash's will come first with the Summer Game Fest announcement happening immediately afterwards, so people will have time to tune into the first and head into the next right away.