‘Crash Team Racing’ Reboot Teased For The Game Awards

UPDATE 2: Leave it to Twitter to find an interesting connection that pairs together Crash and orange dice.

UPDATE: Our good friends at PlayStation Lifestyle have pointed out that each of the sides only have a certain number of dots on them...pointing out a possible release date. And it's showing as June 21, which is close to when Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy originally came out for PlayStation 4. Okay, Activision, give us the announcement!

ORIGINAL STORY: With the success of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, we figured it would only be a matter of time before we saw the zany hero’s other PlayStation feat, Crash Team Racing, make some sort of return. And that reveal could happen within just a couple of days.


A new tweet suggests that the hit Naughty Dog PlayStation racing game is primed for a comeback, with Activision and developer Vicarious Visions back on board.

The tweet comes from PlayStation Access channel manager Hollie Bennett, who noted that she got something very interesting in the mail recently. That item was actually a pair of fuzzy dice, colored orange, along with the note “Sliding into the Game Awards on 6/12… - Anonymous.” You can see it below.

This isn’t official by any means, but the hints are very hard to ignore.

First off, “sliding” could possibly tie into power sliding, which you can do in Crash Team Racing. But more importantly, the dice. They’re colored orange -- and fuzzy, just like Crash -- and we’ve seen ads in the past where he was looking to add dice to his vehicle.

Activision hasn’t said a word about the game, but remember, they were this coy when it came to the Spyro Reignited Trilogy as well before it was finally confirmed earlier this year, and came out last month. So they could be doing the exact same thing here.

Not to mention that Crash Team Racing would be a welcome release across the board. It’s give PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC owners a kart racer they can enjoy; and, with the right level of quality, it might even give Mario Kart 8 Deluxe a run for its money -- which would put Crash right back into the Nintendo parking lot, taunting his adversary as he did in the past.


Considering there’s not a PlayStation Experience event happening this year, The Game Awards seems like the perfect spot to announce Crash Team Racing, with local four-player split-screen racing support and possibly even some online features. And if it came out in 2019, it would celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary, since the original debuted back in September 1999.

We’ll let you know what gets announced during the show. But gear up, Crash fans. We may be revving up sooner than you think!