Man Fatally Shoots Father, Claims To Have Misunderstood Father Yelling At Online Gamers

A 22-year-old Illinois man is in custody today after fatally shooting his 57-year-old father over [...]

(Photo: Hoffman Estates Police Department)

A 22-year-old Illinois man is in custody today after fatally shooting his 57-year-old father over what he claims to be a misunderstanding. Alec Tarasiuk has been charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of his father, Walter Tarasiuk, who was playing video games when his son shot him in the head. Reports say that the younger Tarasiuk was angry after a dispute over his responsibilities as an adult with his father, and, when his father allegedly started yelling profanities at online players, the son misinterpreted his father's words as threats.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the younger Tarasiuk claims that he interpreted these profanities as threats directed toward him, and that is what led him to pulling out a loaded hand gun and shooting his father in the right cheek area from behind. Judge Steven Goebel at the Rolling Meadows branch of Cook County Circuit Court reportedly said that he believed Alec Tarasuik posed a threat to his community, specifically because he shot his father from behind.

Assistant State's Attorney Lorna Amado-Chevlin said that the argument between father and son began when Walter Tarasuik allegedly berated his son, calling him "worthless" for not doing anything productive with his life, and using profanity to describe him. "The defendant was not working or in school and did not like it when his father asked him to do chores in the house or look for a job," Amado-Chevlin told Judge Goebel at Tarasiuk's Thursday bail bond hearing.

After shooting his father, Tarasiuk said that he saw blood "coming from his father's face" and decided to shut of the video game (because it was too loud) before finally calling the police.

Tarasiuk grew up in Hoffman Estates, and was living in his father's house when he shot the older Tarasiuk. He spent some time living with his mother in Arlington Heights, but was reportedly asked by her to leave.

Tarasiuk is being held without bail. His next court appearance is on February 1st.

Source: Chicago Tribune