Critical Role is Playing Wendy's Tabletop RPG Tonight

The cast of Critical Role will be among the first to play Wendy's new tabletop RPG. Earlier today, Wendy's rocked the Internet with the release of Feast of Legends, a new (and surprisingly complex) tabletop RPG set in the land of Beef's Keep. What's more - Wendy's confirmed that their special sponsored episode of Critical Role will feature the cast playing the campaign quest of Feast of Legends, with Sam Riegel sitting behind the GM screen and Matthew Mercer, Marisha Ray, Liam O'Brien, and Ify Nwadiwe playing the adventurers taking up the call of Queen Wendy. Critical Role also released a video featuring Riegel to promote the new episode. The realm of Beef's Keep needs heroes! Tonight's Feast of Legends one-shot from GM @samriegel, #sponsored by our friends at @Wendys, goes live at 7pm Pacific on!

Download the Feast of Legends PDF (created by Wendy's!) now at:

— Critical Role (@CriticalRole) October 3, 2019

Wendy's is no stranger to making a splash with their innovative marketing campaign, and recruiting Critical Role for their latest promotion shows that they know how to tap into the nerd zeitgeist. After all, Critical Role is one of the hottest fandoms on the Internet, having raised over $11 million to fund the making of an animated series earlier this year. The show, which features a group of voice actors playing Dungeons & Dragons, also recently announced several licensing deals (including Funko Pop! figures) and has a full slate of programming coming to their Twitch channel this fall.

You can watch Critical Role's sponsored Feast of Legends episode tonight at 7 PM PT. The episode will also be available on demand on YouTube beginning next Monday.