Critically Acclaimed Platformer Owlboy Coming To The Nintendo Switch

When it came out for Steam a while back, Owlboy became an instant indie hit – and for good [...]


When it came out for Steam a while back, Owlboy became an instant indie hit – and for good reason. It provides a fun throwback to the Metroidvania style of design, where open exploration is waiting, and you can take on enemies in creative ways. No wonder the game's a success – it's got a lot of what indie players want.

But what about a console release? Well, the development team at D-Pad Studio have been kind of mum when it came to bringing Owlboy to those platforms, although it seems kind of ideal for them. That said, though, it appears he'll be flying high to at least one, as Owlboy has been confirmed for release on the Nintendo Switch!

The game was confirmed over the weekend by the latest episode of Nintendo's weekly Japanese YouTube series The Cat Mario Show, along with several other titles – though not all of them are confirmed for U.S. release. Owlboy certainly is, though, and you can bet that Nintendo will make some kind of mention of it next month during its pre-E3 Nintendo Direct broadcast.

This title may have just come out a while ago, but it's actually been in development for just about a decade, with D-Pad Studio working on the adventure of Otus, an owl boy who finds himself going head to head against sky pirates, attempting to take over his village.

Over the course of his adventure, Otus teams up with various characters from the village, gaining new abilities that will help him take on both regular and boss enemies, while flying to new areas to see where trouble lies ahead.

Owlboy is a huge "get" for Nintendo, who have been supporting its Switch system with a number of indie hits, as it attempts to build up steam on the AAA side of things with more major titles. No doubt we'll see a few of those announced at E3 as well, giving the Switch the strength it needs to get through its first holiday season on the market.

The game doesn't have a release date yet, but it could very well arrive later this year. Check out the trailer below in the meantime!