Cyberpunk 2077 Funko Pop Figures Are Live


Last week CD Projekt Red announced that the release date for the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 game will be pushed back from April to September 17th. Fans who were anxious to play the game and see Keanu Reeves' performance as Johnny Silverhand are undoubtedly disappointed, but let's not forget that another CD Projekt Red game suffered a 3-month delay and turned out ok - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Not only that, Funko has revealed their first Pop figures from the game to tide you over.

The Cyberpunk 2077 Pop figure wave includes Johnny Silverhand (2 vairants), Male V, and Female V. Pre-orders are live here via Pop-In-A-Box - including Takemura which isn't part of Funko's promoted wave. You can also find the figures on Amazon. The GameStop exclusive Male V is available here. Note that these Cyberpunk 2077 figures are kicking off Funko's wave of London Toy Fair 2020 releases, and you can keep track of them all via our master list.


Cyberpunk 2077 is in development for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. You can pre-order the game via Best Buy with a free Steelbook case (pictured above) or via Walmart and Amazon with a discount. For more news, media, leaks, rumors, and information on the highly-anticipated open-world role-playing game, be sure to peruse all of previous and extensive coverage of the 2020 title by clicking right here.

"Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modification," reads an official pitch of the game. "You play as V, a mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant that is the key to immortality. You can customize your character's cyberware, skillset and playstyle, and explore a vast city where the choices you make shape the story and the world around you.


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