Cyberpunk 2077 Developer Shoots Down "Leaked" Info About Cut Content

A particularly detailed "leak" about planned content cut away from Cyberpunk 2077 surfaced online this week but it looks as though there's not much to the wall of text from someone claiming to be a CD Projekt Red developer. A member of CD Projekt Red who actually does work for the company shot down the leak that talked about original ideas for Johnny Silverhand and development timelines by calling the information "simply not true."

Several weeks ago, a lengthy post was copied and pasted into the GameFAQs forums (via IGN) that was "Taken from a thread where supposed CDPR developer was speaking anonymously." That's already suspicious enough, and after looking over the text, it resembled many other dubious leaks we've seen from people claiming to be disgruntled leakers sharing info for the good of the community. It talked about a No Man's Sky-level comeback, an update planned for June that will "sort out all the bugs," and cut content like the game's many locked rooms originally being lootable. It also talked about Keanu Reeve's version of Johnny Silverhand and said the original vision for the character imagined him as an NPC that was inspired by David Hayter's Solid Snake.

It all read like a detailed wish list addressing numerous grievances the community has expressed since the game's rocky launch which happens to be a common template for these sorts of leaks. No link was provided to show where the info came from either which made many doubtful of its authenticity, and it now seems that doubt wasn't without good cause.

This week, the text from the GameFAQs discussion made it to the CD Projekt Red forums where people were discussing supposed leaked content. The link to the lengthy post was shared and received a response from a CD Projekt Red employee who goes by "Vattier" in the forums.

"We usually do not comment on rumours, but this is simply not true," said the response from the CD Projekt Red employee.


The response didn't address any particular parts of the text and instead covered it in its entirety by saying it was untrue. No further responses were given by the CD Projekt Red employee after the first that denied the authenticity of the leak.