Dark Souls' Ornstein Gets a Statue Perfect for Collectors

First 4 Figures revealed a new Dark Souls statue of Dragon Slayer Ornstein that shows that Lord [...]

First 4 Figures revealed a new Dark Souls statue of Dragon Slayer Ornstein that shows that Lord Gwyn's knight is just as imposing without his big buddy Smough by his side.

Announced on Jan. 12 with a new trailer that shows every angle of the statue, First 4 Figures' new Ornstein statue is perfect for the ultimate Dark Souls fan, but it's not going to come cheap. The statue is being sold as both a Regular and an Exclusive edition, both of them priced at $599.99 each. Differences between the two have to do with the bonus collectibles that come with them, but each one features the same statue with the dimensions listed below:

  • Height - 26.5 inches (67cm)
  • Width - 22 inches (56cm)
  • Depth - 31 inches (79cm)
  • Weight: 10.98KG

The Regular edition of the collectible includes the state, the base, and an authentication card, and the exclusive version comes with an additional arm that wields the Dragonslayer Spear complete with LED lightning effects and an artprint. If you're quick to validate your order, you can also take advantage of the Day One edition that comes with extra signed collectibles. Those interested in buying either one of these statues can learn more through the FAQ that explains everything you'll need to know about the collectibles.

In the first Dark Souls game – the very same one that's made headlines once again after the announcement that it's going to be remastered – Dragon Slayer Ornstein was a knight of Lord Gwyn that players encountered in the impressive area known as Anor Londo. Players have to fight the quick-footed Ornstein while they battle Executioner Smough at the same time with the two using their contrasting fighting styles to create what's arguably the most memorable boss fight in the Dark Souls series. The fight escalates throughout its duration in a way that every Dark Souls veteran will remember, but it's a fight that shouldn't be spoiled for anyone who's new to the games.

The collectible Ornstein figure is available now for preorder and is expected to ship in Q4 of 2018. The remastered version of Dark Souls is scheduled to release on May 25 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.