Dark Souls: Play As Your Favorite Boss With This Mod

The next phase of the mod team Datehack's project that lets players assume the role of their [...]

The next phase of the mod team Datehack's project that lets players assume the role of their favourite bosses in the world of Dark Souls has officially commenced after their very limited first run with the first version that only let players take on staged boss fights. After further tweaking, the project has new live breathed into it allowing total freedom in-game as some of the powerful characters we've got to love/hate.

The latest step for the mod team is called Age of Fire and is good for the very first Dark Souls game. There is some bad news, however. It's only applicable to the Prepare to Die edition, not the recent remaster. It will also include the Debug Mode exe in order to work properly as well.

"Several years ago I began a project for Dark Souls 1 which took me quite a time to make to this level," stated the mod's creator in a recent Reddit post.
The Dark Souls 1 mod was not the level it should have been. Due to me working on Dark Souls 3 I had to post-pone it for the future and remove access to it because it was very limited back in time. Now I am working again and I am willing to share it with anyone once I am done with a few enemies and setup stuff."

He even laid out videos for controlling the Sanctuary Guardian, Artorias, and Gwyn. "As you can see we will be able to play as any enemy/boss FULL Map this means you can finish the map with your favorite enemy under your control. You will be able to do any single move they do. You will be able to go anywhere but not between maps due to game engine limitations."

To learn more, you can check out the original post right here. For more about the modding team themselves:

"Datahacks (famously written DaTaHaCKs) is a developer group which is famous for various mods released for multiple titles on various gaming platforms. It was founded by the developer known as White Lord back in 2013 and the first official release was "Shin Sangoku Musou Multi-Raid 2" (PSP title) english patch. Game mods released under DaTaHaCKs Team include Tekken 6 Rebirth Mod, Mortal Kombat Armageddon Enhanced Mod, Mortal Kombat Unchained Enhanced Mod (work-in-progress) Warriors Orochi 2 Resurrection Mod for PSP, Kidou Senshi Gundam Extreme Vs and Full Boost Enhanced Mod, Digimon Advernture PSP English patch and many other modifications."