Report: Dark Souls Remastered For Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, and PS4 Announcement Happening Today (UPDATED)

UPDATE: It has been confirmed, the release date will be on May 25.Original Story as follows:The [...]

UPDATE: It has been confirmed, the release date will be on May 25.

Original Story as follows:

The topic of a Dark Souls remaster has come up several times in the past, including whether the brutal game would be making its way over onto the hybrid console; the Nintendo Switch. With several rumors swirling around in recent months, fans of the Bandai Namco game have been left wanting with reports that seem to go unfulfilled. Luckily, it seems our wait may finally be over.

According to Kotaku, "several" sources have all confirmed that the first Dark Souls game will be making its way onto the Nintendo Switch, as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and the big reveal will be happening today. The topic of when this confirmed January Nintendo Direct will be happening exactly has been driving gamers crazy, but if Kotaku's sources are correct, then all of that excitement will finally be coming to a head today.

Dark Souls isn't the only big reveal slated for today's rumoured Direct, but according to recent reports - the port is in good hands. There will also be a separate team entirely for Dark Souls, like how the DOOM port was handled, for the Nintendo Platform to make sure that the game is adapted to the unique controls in the most effective way possible. Another change happening according to this same source is that the multiplayer number will be expanded to six concurrent players, while also stylizing the first game to be more similar to that of the third installment.

Kotaku alleges that Bandai Namco is aiming to have all three games in the Dark Souls franchise make it over to the Nintendo Switch, though today's Nintendo Direct will be focused on beginning with that first title. The alleged release date at this time is set for May on all platforms, though if this information is correct - we will have more details soon. Stay tuned!