Darkest Dungeon Board Game Kickstarter Launches

Mythic Games has launched the Kickstarter for its board game adaptation of the popular video game Darkest Dungeon. The crowdfunding campaign, which launched earlier today, has already doubled its initial $300,00 funding goal and is now unlocking various stretch goals. The tabletop game will adapt both the core Darkest Dungeon experience as well as the Crimson Court expansion, with 1-4 players venturing through randomly generated dungeons to complete quests, fight boss monsters, and prepare for a final showdown inside the titular Darkest Dungeon. The game brings many of the adventurers and monsters to life in stunning miniature form - 8 of the heroes from the video will appear in the core board game, while the Musketeer is a Kickstarter exclusive and the Abomination will be included as a Stretch Goal reward.

Originally released in 2016, Darkest Dungeon is a roguelike turn-based RPG game available on computer, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game focuses on the brutality of the gothic horror world of the game, with characters suffering stress and diseases in addition to physical wounds. Players had to manage a pool of adventurers through the Hamlet system, providing them with stress relief while also leveling up their abilities and equipment. The board game version of Darkest Dungeon will adapt most of the core mechanics in some format. Players will level up their characters in the board game and choose abilities, while also gaining provisions and suffering permadeath during a bad run. A campaign of the Darkest Dungeon board game will be played over 11 runs and is a totally co-op experience.

The core Darkest Dungeon board game is available for those who pledge $100. The box is loaded with game pieces, including 72 miniatures and over 600+ cards. The Crimson Court expansion is available either as an optional add-on or for those who make a $150 pledge. You can check out the full Kickstarter campaign here.