Dauntless Frostfall Update Brings New Cosmetic Changes, Hunts, And More

dauntless winter

It's time to get festive within the world of Dauntless, as new details have been revealed about the Frostfall update. Dauntless players must now survive an onslaught of Pangar while struggling within the world drenched in unforgiving snow and aggressive winds. The latest update brings new meaning to Winter Wonderland.

The Dauntless winter event is live now and will run until early January. It includes new hunts, quests, exclusive rewards, even more character customisation, and more! The creators of the game promise a fantastic time with tons of incentives to play. You can even catch up on the lore behind it, if you're a history buff like I am.

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"Wind whipped past the Broken Blade and its rafters groaned with a low, howling whistle. Khard rubbed his leg where it ended just below the knee. He’d lost it years ago now, torn to tatters in the talons of an enraged Skraev. He’d been cocky back then — new Embermaul in hand and so sure of his ability to fight frost with blaze. But the beast had pinned his leg against the hard ice, and he’d ended up leaving more than youthful optimism behind that day. When it got cold like this — like it only could during Frostfall — his missing leg still bothered him. It itched and burned and ached. All of him ached to rejoin the hunt.

Khard scoffed at himself and knocked back the blaze-kissed libation a friendly Bosun had given him. It drove away the chill and any lingering bitterness with a smooth finish. He still had advice to offer Slayers, and there was no sense trading in self pity. The first of the snow was falling now. Soon, there would be new Slayers hunting the beasts he had stalked during one such Frostfall."


Your journey begins in Ramsgate, where you might notice a chilly change in scenery. The cold has set in, but Slayer mentor Kat Sorrel has an interesting opportunity for those brave enough to endure the cold.

  • New hunts and modifiers, including fearsome dual Behemoth encounters have been reported on the frontier. Hunt modifiers are special changes that will test your skills by altering or introducing new mechanics in specific hunts.

  • Bosun Markus Boehr is offering 3 new consumables, including a portable campfire to stay warm on the hunt. These will be offered for a limited time only, but Slayers will be able to keep their supplies after Frostfall ends.

  • Illuminate the sky with two new Frostfall themed flares.

  • Slayers will also be able to further customize their banner with a new standard, fabrics, and sigil.

  • Three new emotes are now available, including a new island arrival. For Slayers who acquire these emotes, they will remain available after Frostfall ends.

  • Slayers who survive Frostfall can show off their skills with 4 new in-game titles.

  • Celebrate the myth of the Frostfall Queen with a limited edition cosmetic helm.

  • Keep warm with new facial hair, eyebrow, and face paint options for your Slayer. To make sure everyone gets a chance to experience this feature, we’re granting all Slayers a one-time appearance reset token. To update your appearance, visit Gregario in Ramsgate.

  • Lastly, Slayers will be able to give the gift of Dauntless by purchasing Founder’s Packs for others! Visit the Dauntless website to purchase a code to give to a friend. Slayers that hunt together, survive together!

To partake in everything now arrived within the world of Dauntless, the Frostfall update is now live for closed beta players on PC. The game itself is expected to fully launch in early 2018.