David Jaffe Discusses The Future Of The Twisted Metal Franchise

Hey, gamers, remember Twisted Metal? At one point in time, it was one of Sony’s hottest [...]

Hey, gamers, remember Twisted Metal? At one point in time, it was one of Sony's hottest franchises for the original PlayStation, bringing plenty of vehicular action across a number of games. It continued on with the highly impressive Twisted Metal: Black for PlayStation 2 (which later re-released for PlayStation 4), along with the multiplayer-oriented Twisted Metal for PlayStation 3. But we really haven't heard anything from it since.

David Jaffe, the man who created the series, decided to take to video to discuss what's happening next with the franchise, in a clip titled "The State of Twisted Metal", which you can see above. While there's no new game announcement to talk about, Jaffe did talk about a few things surrounding the franchise.

First off, he noted that he doesn't have the rights to the series. It's currently owned by Sony, as you could probably see with the Twisted Metal: Black re-release. He hasn't heard much progress in terms of what the company wants to do next with the series, but they are keeping him informed when something does happen, since he created it and all.

However, he noted that he would be "stunned" if the company began working on anything relating to Twisted Metal, as he believes reconfiguring the game for today's audiences would take a great deal of money to get done. That said, however, he's hopeful that something could be done in the way of a remaster, like Twisted Metal PS3 getting reconfigured for PS4 and what-not. There are the original PS1 games to consider as well.

Considering that Twisted Metal: Black was one of the top three best-selling PlayStation 2 Classic titles for PS4, there's still a great deal of interest in the series. And since the company did just announce that they were bringing back the cult classic Medievil for a remaster, there's always the chance of an announcement.

So, yeah, no new news to report, which is kind of sad, because a multiplayer-based Twisted Metal would be a lot of fun on the PS4. Who knows, Sony might surprise us, ahem, down the road.

For now, if you want to rediscover Twisted Metal, check out Black on PS4. It's devious, jam-packed fun.