'Days Gone' Has Gone Gold

Today, developer Sony Bend announced that its upcoming open-world, post-apocalyptic [...]

Today, developer Sony Bend announced that its upcoming open-world, post-apocalyptic action-adventure game and PS4 exclusive, Days Gone, has gone gold.

The news comes way of the game's official Twitter account and via the following tweet:

For those that don't know: "gone gold," is simply an industry term that originates from an older term: "gold master." This was the version of the game that had been internally deemed in good enough shape in order to print onto discs and start shipping to retailers. In other words, it was basically seen as the final version of the game, and a marker for the end of development.

That said, in the modern day of gaming, with digital day-one patches and multiple post-launch patches, the term is a bit outdated, but it's still used by many as an indication that the game is complete. This doesn't mean work will stop on it, but just that the game is done and ready to be sold.

For a game like Days Gone, that went into full production back in 2015 and has been delayed in the past, it's good to see that it has gone gold well over a month before release. And of course, PlayStation players who have been yearning to get their hands on the title, don't have to worry about any more delays.

Further, with the game already going gold, this should provide ample polishing time for Sony Bend, so that come April 26 the game is as polished as any other Sony Interactive Entertainment release.

Days Gone is poised to release on April 26, priced at $59.99 and exclusively via the PS4. For more coverage on the game, click here.


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