'Days Gone' PS4 Photo Mode Revealed and Detailed

Today, Sony Bend director Jeff Ross revealed that PS4 exclusive Days Gone will feature a photo [...]

Today, Sony Bend director Jeff Ross revealed that PS4 exclusive Days Gone will feature a photo mode at launch that will allow players to capture all different shots of Deacon and the post-apocalyptic Oregon-setting he finds himself trying to survive.

According to Ross, Days Gone features a full day and night cycle, as well as multiple biomes and weather types. In other words, there's always an opportunity to come across a part of the world in a way you never have before, and with a photo mode, you'll be able to capture this. "We're giving players all the tools they need to capture and share these breathtaking vistas and the unique sandbox gameplay moments Days Gone makes possible," writes Ross in a new PlayStation Blogpost.

Ross continues:

"The vast Central Oregon wilderness is so beautifully crafted and rendered in Days Gone it's easy to forget that you're playing a game. Our aim with Photo Mode was to make players feel like they're manipulating a real camera in the real world."

In order to allow players to capture photos the way they want, the game's photo mode will come with basically everything that a standard photo mode comes packing these days: different filters, facial expressions, logo options, custom frames, and the ability to toggle off your bike's visibility whenever.

There's also Lens panel that will let players manipulate Field of View, Focal Distance, Apeture, and Film Grain. Further, there's a Focus Lock option that allows you to lock a certain focus point while moving the camera around. In other words, it's not just your average selfie cam like some games do.

Ross continues, detailing the game's Advanced Photo Mode:

"But the pièce de résistance is our Advanced Mode where users can fine-tune their final shots by manipulating 55 different settings across Bloom, Color Grading, and Color Depth Grading panels. We worked closely with members of our Art team, including some Hollywood veterans, to help define the essential properties to capture all the power and flexibility that comes with professional photo editing software. This is the very same interface our artists used to author the filter presets that ship with the game. Players can even use one of our presets as a starting point to learn how Advanced Mode works, then use it a baseline to creating their own filter that can be saved to one of five preset slots for easy reuse later."

Days Gone is poised to release on April 26 via the PS4 and only the PS4. For more coverage on the highly-anticipated, open-world action-adventure game, click here.